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Aged and Shabby Tile Floor? Our Grout Sealing in Charlotte, NC, Is the Right Solution for You!

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April 30, 2018

A kitchen is the center of most homes. It's the one room where you join your family to have breakfast and dinner. You also plan most of your family gatherings in the kitchen. Being the most important go-to place for all the family in the house, deterioration is a more than expected consequence from such wear and tear. That was the case of a homeowner in Charlotte that had seen her kitchen floor wear down over time. Even though she had tried hard to keep it in excellent shape, the grout lines had become grimy and stained and the tiles looked dull. She was soon to learn that a professional service of grout sealing in Charlotte, NC was the perfect solution for her.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Floor Grout Sealing in Charlotte, North Carolina
The Role of Kitchens in Family Interaction
In the past, kitchens were private areas in most houses where American mothers would prepare the most delicious feasts for the important celebrations. Guests would not have access to this mysterious room, unless they were part of the family. Luckily, home design has evolved, and kitchens have become the central place for family interaction. However, this increased interaction has also raised the foot traffic to which the surface is constantly subjected. Even the most durable hard-surface materials can deteriorate if not well-maintained. You can see beautiful stone slabs and stylish tiles showing dirty grout lines, dullness, scratches, and many other signs of decay.

Client's Background
Our homeowner had been living in this house for years and the kitchen had always been her favorite room. She really loved to sit there and watch her family moving around every morning for breakfast. But the combination of husband, children, and pet was more than the beautiful tile floor could take. The tiles had become dull, and the grout lines had gained an unsightly look with grime buildup and stains. The homeowner had noticed this change but her fast-paced life kept her away from a long-term solution. However, she used to apply her cleaning tricks to try to revive the surface.

Looking for Professionals
Time had passed, and the floor was more stained, dull, and grimy. It seemed to be more difficult to clean each time, and the worst part is that her daughter was having friends over for a pajama party in a few days. As most homeowners, the woman wanted to show off her home in the best shape possible, so she decided to look for professional help. The woman went online and looked for Charlotte Grout Sealing and found Sir Grout Charlotte among the top results. She visited our website and after browsing it and reading the testimonials left by other homeowners, the woman scheduled a free in-home consultation.

A Specialist's Opinion
On the appointed day, our team of expert technicians arrived at the owner's house to inspect the affected surface. Their expertise allowed them to determine not only the procedure to revive the floor, but also the cause of damage. The crew told the owner it would be necessary to thoroughly clean the surface and prevent further damage by sealing the grout lines. The homeowner agreed, and they set up a new date to perform the job.

Incorrect Cleaning Methods and Products
Tile is a highly durable material and it is easy to maintain if the correct techniques and products are applied. One of the main causes for tile dullness in our homeowner's kitchen floor was the use of harsh cleaners. Our homeowner told the specialists that she had used soap-based cleaners for a long time.

This is a common behavior among homeowners. Since kitchens are exposed to high levels of greasy products oils, avocados, nuts, butter, and many others homeowners think soap is the best way to have a grease-free surface. Wrong! Soap-based products commonly leave a film on the surface that attracts dirt and leads to a waxy, greasy, brownish layer.

Renovation Process
  • Thorough Cleaning
    On the chosen day, the team returned to the property ready to put hands to work. They began by thoroughly cleaning the entire floor. They used the right cleaners for tiles and a high-speed yet gentle scrubber to remove the dirt from the surface. They also used vapor steam cleaning for the most difficult areas.

  • Preventing Further Damage
    Even though the surface had been thoroughly cleaned, the appearance of the grout lines still looked discolored and stained, so it was necessary to start the preventive stage of the procedure: sealing the grout lines.
Grout: Main Characteristics and Problems
Given that grout is a very porous material, it can allow water seepage into the grout lines and under tiles, which may have devastating effects on your surfaces. Some of the consequences include: stains, discoloration, cracks, chipping, crumbing, and in the worst cases, tile detachment. The best way to prevent these consequences is by sealing the surface. For this step of the process, our team of experts used ColorSeal Sir Grout's exclusive grout sealant. This modern product has two main purposes: It closes the grout line pores and thus blocks the absorption of water, preventing water damage. The second purpose is rather aesthetic. ColorSeal refreshes the appearance of the grout lines making them look as good as new. This modern product comes in a myriad of colors, which allows homeowners to choose the one that work best with their tile surfaces.

Our Homeowner's Opinion
As soon as the team finished the job, they let the homeowner in to show her the results. She was thrilled with the new look of her kitchen. She said it looked like it had been just installed and thanked the team for such a remarkable work.

Do's and Don'ts of Hard Surface Maintenance
Before leaving the house, our techs gave the owner some recommendations on how to care and maintain the results for much longer. They said the surface should be kept as dry as possible. The experts suggested the homeowner used a damp mop or cloth to clean on a periodic basis, but they emphasized that pouring water is never a good idea. They strongly recommended not using soap-based cleaners. Instead, they recommended she use soap-less pH-neutral cleaners to remove all dirt and ensure that no film is left on the tile.

If you're tired of cleaning your hard surfaces without success, our professional help is perfect for you! Call us at (704) 270-2348 or feel free to fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free evaluation. Also, be sure to follow our work and take advantage of our latest offers and promotions by subscribing to our newsletter.

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