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Our Techs Revamped a Floor in Charlotte with an Excellent Tile Cleaning Service

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March 18, 2024

A homeowner in Charlotte had the most beautiful tile floor gracing his bathroom. Sadly, that floor had accumulated enough stains to make the room look dirty. The homeowner had tried different products and homemade recipes, but nothing worked on the soil that was embedded on the surface. As a result, the grout looked darker, and the stains had discolored parts of the tiles.

Bathroom Room Floor Before and After a Tile Cleaning in Charlotte
Before running out of options, the homeowner decided that a professional restoration job would be the best long-term solution. His everyday cleaners had done nothing to fix the problem, and he doubted that any other store-bought products would make any difference. He tried to find a reliable solution online, and it didn't take long to single out Sir Grout Charlotte as the best candidate. After reading more about our tile cleaning in Charlotte, he filled out the "Request a Quote" form to ask for an in-home evaluation.

Our specialists visited the client's home to inspect his floor a few days later. They checked the tiles, keeping count of the areas that had collected most of the dirt, and assessed the grout to ensure no cracks on the grout lines. The floor looked dull, and the embedded dirt removed any appeal from the tile's modern layout. Our specialists explained that these were a common occurrence when the floor is left unsealed for too long, especially if you subject the surface to harsh chemical cleaners and vinegar-based formulas. Fortunately, there was no permanent damage, so our techs offered to clean and seal the floor with Sir Grout's exclusive restoration method. The client agreed to this approach and scheduled a new appointment with our crew.

Our specialists returned to the client's house on the appointed date to begin the restoration. They started cleaning the floor with a coat of their special pH-neutral cleaner. Our product removes all the dirt from the floors without damaging the floor or discoloring the tiles, helping preserve your hard surfaces for longer despite foot traffic and other causes of damage. After letting the cleaner sit on the floor for a few minutes, our specialists ran a high-speed scrubber over the surface to eliminate all the dirt.

They started sealing the grout lines with ColorSeal when the floor was completely dirt-free. Our flagship sealant protects the grout from stains by warding off external liquids, from dust specks to water and other liquids. It also helps inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, making it much easier for homeowners to keep the grout looking as good as new. Per the client's request, our specialists used a beige color to make the grout lines match the tiles flawlessly.

To finish the job, our techs applied a coat of Siltanium seal on the tiles to keep the floor from getting new blemishes. They called the client back into the bathroom to assess the results, and he was immediately amazed by his floor's elegant look. He praised the quality of our restoration methods and promised to recommend our services to more people in Charlotte.

Before leaving, our specialists offered additional cleaning pointers, and the client was open to all our recommendations. Since the majority of traditional cleaners can harm floor and grout in various ways, the best approach for a household weekly cleaning is to use pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product is effective against the most stubborn stains, removing spills, soil, footprints, mold, and other familiar sources of dirt. This way, homeowners can ensure the best results without causing progressive damage to their hard surfaces. Another recommendation was to keep the room well-ventilated to prevent moisture buildup on the corners and other narrow areas.

Our specialists also recommended avoiding steel wools and other abrasive tools that could scrape the tiles without removing errant stains. A mop, a terry cloth, or a fresh towel can do the job much more seamlessly. After thanking our crew for their recommendations, the client promised to contact Sir Grout Charlotte if he ever found trouble in other parts of his house while doing routine maintenance.

With Sir Grout Charlotte, you can secure the best cleaning and sealing services for your home's surfaces. Our specialists have decades of combined experience restoring hard surface damage, from cracked grout to embedded dirt. You can count on us to help you with your particular problem with an efficient and cost-effective process. Call (704) 270-2348 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule an in-home evaluation, and our specialists will be happy to assist you. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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