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Our Techs Revamped a Shower in Fort Mill with the Best Tile Cleaning

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April 15, 2023

Everyone wants the highest hygiene standards in their home, especially their bathroom surfaces. A soiled shower will dampen anyone's mood when there's no solution to remove the dirt for good. A homeowner in Fort Mill suffered just from the sight of her standing shower. What started as a mild spread of soap scum on the walls turned into large stains that took over most of the floor and the seams.

Shower Floor and Walls Before and After a Tile Cleaning in Fort Mill
The size of the stains could be overwhelming, but the homeowner did her best to keep her calm. She tried different cleaners repeatedly to confirm that the problem was beyond her skills. The result still confused her since the same products had worked for her. After several tries to get rid of some of the dirt, she went online looking for answers. It didn't take long for her to find Sir Grout Charlotte and the information available on our website helped her keep her hopes up. She contacted our Fort Mill tile cleaning crew via our scheduler, and they immediately agreed to conduct an in-home evaluation.

Our techs went to the client on the appointed date to inspect the shower. They assessed everything, from the efflorescence around the seams and the dark stains that covered most of the floor. They also counted the areas where the grout had grown loose or cracked, mainly around the horizontal joints. They told the client later that chemical-based cleaners can damage grout surfaces after repeated use, weakening the grout and trapping dirt and mold on top of the pores. Once the dirt is embedded into the surface, generic cleaners can do nothing to remove it. The good news is that our specialists have the skills and the equipment to solve the problem. They described Sir Grout's restoration method to the client and reassured her that no discoloration was permanent. After getting a general idea of our plan, she had no doubts about our expertise.

Following her request, our techs returned to her house a few days after the evaluation. This time, they came ready to complete the shower restoration. For the first step, they soaked all the shower walls and the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner and waited a few minutes for the product to work on the embedded dirt. This cleaner's formula combines the best ingredients to get through the thickest layers of dirt. It helps remove soap scum, mold, and mildew in little time, leaving all shower surfaces looking as good as new. Our specialists worked carefully on all sides of the shower. They removed the loose dirt by hand and steam-cleaned the shower to enhance its long-term protection.

When it was time to repair the grout, our techs installed epoxy grout on the damaged seams before sealing the rest with our signature ColorSeal. This unique sealant repels water, mold, mildew, soap scum, and other external elements that could stain the grout. The client chose a white sealant for the walls and the floor, so our techs recolored the grout to stand out against the ceramic. The result looked marvelous, and the grout added a stylish touch that modernized the entire shower area.

The restoration was successful, and the client was delighted by her new shower. She admired the grout's unique color and praised our techs for making the tiles shine beautifully. The result had exceeded all her expectations, and she could feel a weight lifted off her shoulders after so many weeks of failed attempts.

At the end of the appointment, our techs shared some extra cleaning pointers with the client. They instructed her to replace bleach and traditional cleaners with pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Our product is the perfect solution to take hard surface maintenance to the next level. It's powerful enough to eliminate all the stains without leaving any harmful side effects like tile discoloration or toxic fumes, so homeowners end their chores feeling less tired and more satisfied. There's no better way to save time and improve your cleaning results.

Our second recommendation was to open the windows and doors to counter the effects of moisture buildup. Mold and mildew are among the worst things you can find inside your shower; they thrive on damp surfaces. Proper indoor ventilation helps reduce the moisture left around bathroom surfaces. Still, homeowners should also wipe any soap residue before it can spread along the shower walls. To do this, our techs immediately recommended using non-abrasive tools like a towel or a squeegee. Fortunately, the homeowner confirmed that she'd always scrub her shower tiles with cloth items. After giving their recommendations, our techs said their goodbyes and the client promised to tell everyone about our high-quality service.

Sir Grout Charlotte helps you transform the dullest parts of your home. Our hard surface restoration services have no match in the home improvement industry, and our results speak for themselves. You can always call (704) 270-2348 if you have questions for our crew, or you can schedule a free quote online to request an in-home evaluation. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates. Sir Grout Charlotte has all you need to keep your bathroom surfaces in top condition all the time.
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