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This Shower Looks Amazing After Getting Our Huntersville Caulking Services

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March 18, 2023

We recently provided the best service to restore a rundown shower in Huntersville. Before contacting our crew, the homeowner had tried several methods to preserve the joints around the tub. Sadly, the damage was beyond anything he could have accomplished with regular cleaners and homemade solutions.

Shower Joints Before and After Our Caulking Services in Huntersville
The caulk was falling apart, and the cracks only grew in size each time the homeowner had to use the shower. The problem increased the amount of water and soap scum that was embedded behind the tiles, and the resulting stains were a nightmare to deal with. Despite his repeated attempts to solve the problem independently, the homeowner knew that this required the knowledge of a professional in the field. That's why he didn't have second thoughts when contacting our Huntersville caulking services.

He contacted Sir Grout Charlotte, after reading our website's information, requested an appointment with our crew. Our specialists were at his house for an in-home evaluation a few days later. Not long into their assessment, they could see that the seams needed a lot of work. Most of the caulk was loose, leaving the shower with a rough, unfinished look that wasn't appealing. Letting the problem sit for long also put the entire structure at risk, so our techs knew they had no time to lose.

They explained everything to the client, describing how grout surfaces can be affected after exposure to a combination of moisture, shower products, and the chemical ingredients in most cleaners. The best course of action was to replace the old caulk after cleaning the entire shower with our professional equipment, so our techs offered to return later that week for the restoration. The client was grateful for their dedication and immediately agreed to schedule a new appointment.

On the day of the restoration, our techs began working on the shower as soon as they got into the house. They used a unique formula to clean all the walls and the tub. Our product acts fast, so all the soap scum and embedded dirt was removed in no time. The whole process is also safer for indoor settings because there are no chemical elements in our product's formula. When everything was ready for the next part of the process, our techs steam-cleaned the shower and prepared for the repairs.

They worked carefully on the horizontal and vertical joints, removing the old caulk and installing epoxy grout. Unlike cement-based grout, our epoxy mix is highly resistant to water, shower products, and other sources of deterioration. It also repels mold, mildew, and other elements that could leave deep stains on the seams. In short, our epoxy grout works like a charm to preserve the durability of shower surfaces for months and reduces stress for homeowners.

After checking the shower from all sides, our techs invited the client back into the room so he could review the result. He was pleased with our work. The quality of our caulking job was beyond anything he'd seen before, and there was no way to tell that the seams had been damaged. He thanked our specialists for their high-quality service and promised to recommend Sir Grout Charlotte to anyone who needed a restoration company in Huntersville.

At the end of the appointment, our techs answered some of the client's questions about hard surface maintenance; it was the perfect moment to share some of their cleaning pointers. Their first recommendation was to use pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to handle the maintenance of hard surfaces. Most of the cleaners on the shelves have a high concentration of chemical ingredients, which have harsh effects on grout and tile. By contrast, our product's composition ensures effective cleaning without subjecting your shower surfaces to toxic chemicals that could cause discoloration later. This is also the surest way to preserve the sealant's protection on the grout for a long time.

We also recommended using only non-abrasive tools on the shower tiles and the tub. Steel wools are known for leaving scratch marks and are not as effective when removing embedded dirt from harder-to-reach areas. A towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee works best to clean all the marks left by soap scum on your shower surfaces. To prevent the growth of mold and mildew, our techs suggested opening the windows and doors, on top of keeping a high-end ventilation system that reached all parts of the house.

The specialists at Sir Grout Charlotte has what it takes to transform your living spaces, even when your hard surfaces are particularly vulnerable to wear and tear. Through the most comprehensive restoration package, we enhance the durability of your shower surface while making all our results look fantastic. Just call (704) 270-2348 to learn more about our methods, or you schedule a free quote online if you're interested in an in-home evaluation. Remember: you can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates.
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